Bak Family
June Update:
Dear Friends and Family,

We are looking forward to seeing some of you very soon.

Currently we are living in the midst of new window/radiator renovations in our apartment. Because we use our home as a gathering place on a weekly basis for ministry this has created some challenges.
We had a very encouraging meeting with the school nurse at Lily’s school who we found out was also a Christian.
Kristian and the men of Koinoina were invited into the home of our friend from Iran who wanted to host the Men’s breakfast. We are thankful for how God is moving in his life.
The ladies of Koinonia hosted a baby shower for a Romanian women from our church. She was so surprised and blessed. It was also a great opportunity for the ladies of Koinonia to interact with a friend of hers who came to the baby shower who is not a believer. Baby Amos was born May 24 and they were so encouraged how God specifically answered all our prayers for the delivery.
We had one Aalborg International Friends event as well called the Big Praying day. We were able to connect with a single mom who had previously been apart of our fellowship but moved and is now here finishing her ph.d. pray that she will be able to get in to fellowship, even in this busy time.
AIF also hosted a hike, we were not able to attend but it was a nice time to make new friends. The reason we could not attend was that we had a planning meeting for the 2019 marriage conference, it went well and we continue the planning for the 5 of October. Please pray for that also.
M is from Hong Kong, he reached out to Kristian to share about what was going on in Hong Kong (this is written the 12 of June), He expressed frustration towards police and how they were behaving (unnecessary violent). I tried to encouraged M that this is the time to pray for the leaders that they will turn to Jesus. M responded with we have much to thank the Christians for, they sang Christian songs for the police until the sun went down… Pray for M and his country.
And this Saturday Aalborg International friends will host a BBQ (cookout) at a park, please pray for that also.

We want to thank you all for your prayers, we really need your help in prayer, your strengthen us in our work, helping us shine the light of Jesus.

The Lord bless you All,
From Sadie, Lily, Kristian and Kylene
March Update:
Dear Friends and Family,
March is birthday month for our family. A time to celebrate life and we are celebrating what God is doing here in Aalborg, Denmark. Below is our Newsletter. It is 3 pages long so don’t forget to scroll all the way down. We hope you enjoy reading how God is using your prayers and finances to further His Kingdom. We have just booked our tickets to the U.S. so we will be there June 19-July 30. If you would be interested in meeting with us or your church. Please let us know we would love to share about the International ministry here.
Thank your for your encouragement, support and prayers!

Blessings in abundance, Kristian and Kylene Bak

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